Monday, August 18, 2014

Back from Canada

It's Monday and I'm back to work after a lovely trip to Canada with my family. Well, physically I'm back at work - by brain is still taking it's sweet time getting caught up. I finally finished reading Outlander, which I loved (plus some steam punk paranormal romances which were fun), did some drawings of bugs, ate too much cheese, and had a much-needed week without deadlines and stress. And now I begin two crazy weeks FULL of deadlines and stress before heading to Seattle for PAX. Huzzah!

I also turned 32 this weekend (yeesh) and to celebrate, I'm having an Etsy shop sale! I re-listed a bunch of my giclee prints and postcard sets this morning, and will be adding some more art and jewelry throughout the day. Use the code BIRTHDAY at checkout to get 20% off your order (of $10 or more), now through Friday.

Monday, July 21, 2014

A Quick Rat-Themed Post

This weekend I had not one, but TWO rat-themed pieces in gallery shows. I will add purchasing information soon!

"Rats with Wings"
For LTD Gallery's "Fantasy in the City" show in Seattle

"Master Splinter"
For iam8bit's "Cowabunga! 30 Years of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" show in Los Angeles.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Saint Beatrix, Upcoming Shows, and the Iron Seas books

Saint Beatrix

Here is my finished "Kill Bill" inspired piece for Spoke Art's "Quentin vs Coen" show in San Francisco. This piece has sold, but there is a ton of great work in the collection, which you can check out here. I've been really into medieval saint imagery (like Fra Angelico's "The Annunciation") recently. I don't know why, but everyone I draw seems to have a halo. Weird.

Coming up next:

Opening Friday is "Fantasy in the City" at LTD. Gallery in Seattle. The theme is really neat, blending fantasy elements with city life. Here is a little work-in-progress shot of my piece for the show. 

And opening the next day is iam8bit's "Cowabunga!!" show in Los Angeles, celebrating the 30th anniversary of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Well that makes me feel old.  

And on a non-art side note, I am ridiculously addicted (riddicted?) to Meljean Brook's "Iron Seas" steampunk romance series. The covers of the first three are very silly, but the books are great. I highly recommend them if you like steampunk and romance, which I certainly do ("Riveted" is probably my favorite). There is definitely some "adult" content, so be warned - but they ARE romance books (not YA), so that's part of the fun, right? I've been staying up way too late reading because of these, and keep having to force myself to get back to work instead of burying my nose in my Kindle. I'm going to be rather sad when I finish "The Kraken King" tonight and don't have a new one to start on. I'm active on Goodreads if you want to see what other books I have been binging on.